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Over the past few weeks in ICT we made a non linear slide show with hyperlinks.  It was really fun to do and I learnt a lot.  I did my quiz on the Spanish Armada and I worked on it for 2 weeks.  I learned how to hyperlink text to another slide and I learnt how to use 2010 Microsoft PowerPoint altogether.  It was really fun making it and I even got to show my history teacher.  4 people tried the quiz and they said it was really good questions, lots of colour, and it was really fun to do.

We also went on tagxedo and made word clouds.  Word clouds are really cool because you can pick the shape, font, colour and what you put in it.  I used mine for a card for my grandma.  She really loved it.  She said it was creative and fun to look at.  Word clouds are a really good thing to have as a title page on a PowerPoint presentation.  They look awesome.

Overall, really fun lessons the past few weeks and I will blog again soon.

Bye x

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